Completely new to Digital Marketing?

Noob Guide to Online Marketing

If you are new to digital marketing, here are some popular and credible sites that will help you in your marketing journey.

KISSmetrics: KISSmetrics may be an online analytics platform for businesses and bloggers, but its website does have very interesting and useful information via marketing guides, articles, infographics and webinars. Its blog posts latest digital marketing news. Well, for it to appear top on Google Search with “Digital Marketing Guides”, it sure does well in this field.

SmartInsights: SmartInsights provides free strategy guides and frameworks/templates for businesses and individuals to plan, manage and optimize their digital marketing. And just like all other digital marketing resource sites, they maintain up-to-date and relevant blogs.

The Daily Egg: This blog provides conversion optimization, design and copywriting tips and a few free optimization tools.

Advertising Age: Advertising Age is a marketing news source on topics including social, media, digital, data-driven marketing. Though it is catered for professionals to inform about what’s going on in the industry, and it is always good to keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

Content Marketing Institute: This website has many quality articles, free webinars and how-to guides regarding content marketing.

Search Engine Journal: Search Engine Journal contains contributions from in-house and independent Internet marketers, regarding SEO, local search, paid search, social and content marketing.

Growth Hackers: GrowthHackers has a Community for “Agile Growth Obsessed Marketers and Developers to Connect, Share and Get Inspired”. There are many active discussions about digital marketing trends and guides to online marketing.

Marketo: Quite a bit of marketing resources can be found here too.


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