Characteristics of a Successful Branded Online Community

An online community is a community that forms on the internet. A community is a group of people interacting, sharing, and working toward a common goal. Online community members interact via social networks and share in forums or e-mail groups. – Prof. Adrian

Telligent SocialEcosystem

Telligent — provider of community software for enterprises  — did some research on world-class communities (Read more about it here). It has identified 9 characteristics of successful communities that were:

  1. Company-owned
  2. Relationship oriented
  3. Had an active membership
  4. Were built for the long-term impact and not a particular campaign


From the characteristics, Telligent has given advice on how to start and grow a community. Thereafter, it has shown how ROIs for communities can be derived.

Telligent has also done a tweetjam of the topic of communities in social business, and many experts have contributed. The key takeaways can be found here.


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