Social Media platforms like YouTube reaching out to advertisers

Read more about how YouTube’s Brand Partner Program can impact business’s digital marketing.

Via L’EtoilePapillon:

YouTube Brand Partner Program

Online Video Marketing is a very rich form of advertising.

It can be a very effective story-teller and an engaging advertising tool for brands.

What YouTube is trying to do here is to encourage more brands to be publishers. To actively publish creative content.

It will providing brands with all the tools, data, services and training necessary to help them produce authentic (or authentic-looking) content that users want to watch and share. YouTube has even set aside “Spaces” for these workshops to take place.

“YouTube Creative Space in Los Angeles”

YouTube has invited American Express, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo to participate in the initial pilot program for this new partnership endeavor.

“Brands will get a dedicated YouTube partner manager assigned to help them make the most of the platform, including programming and audience development strategies. YouTube also plans to connect these partner brands with its most successful talent to share tactics, and hopefully ink more ad deals.”

This article shows us how social media platforms are actively reaching out to advertisers. And even provide education for them to maximize and exploit full use of the platforms.


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