Consistency – Steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.: There is consistency in his pattern of behaviour.

What is consistency in digital marketing? MrSiew shares his thoughts about how consistency helps marketeers to achieve effective marketing.

One point to note regarding MrSiew’s article is how consistency is used interchangeably with constancy (in terms of regularity).

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At the end of Secondary 1, my form teacher remarked in my report book: “Siew Fong is a co-operative and reliable pupil. He is good-natured and is a consistent and conscientious worker.” Well.. other than showing off how much of a teacher’s pet I was (and probably still am), my purpose here is to emphasise on the word “consistent” (as highlighted in bold). So being consistent is a good thing, but other than getting praised by your teacher, what good does it serve, especially in digital marketing?

The Big Yellow M


Let’s look at something we’re familiar with – Mcdonald’s. If not for consistency, they wouldn’t have become one of the biggest fast food chain in the world. No matter which Mcdonald’s you’re visiting, it is certainly expected that you get the same taste, enjoy similar environments, and see the instantly recognizable big, yellow “M” that represents Mcdonald’s across the world…

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